" The Importance Of A Spiritual Education

" The Importance Of A Spiritual Education "

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"EDU"> That which does not kill us will strengthen us. The medicine that heals us never seems to taste good. No one likes to receive an injection, but in most cases injections work well for human beings. Many people are afraid of a religious web site, but we should not feel that way, instead we should try to benefit from its vast resources.

One should not have to be a religious fanatic to have some knowledge of the Bible. Many parents send their children off to college and they end up in cults. Some of those parents never see their sons or daughters again. If the parents had some kind of spiritual education their children would have turned to them for help, just as my children did to me. They e-mailed me to get my opinion on the subject before they swallowed it down. As I've said before, this web site is set up to provide you with this knowledge. Feel free to dig in. This web site is set up to help Christians and non-Christians alike. If you have any question, you could email us. To use this material for your personal work, you may need to edit some of the pages, but do not change its messages when doing so. However, please remember that you cannot change copyright material. Leave author's name on any printed material.

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